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Information About Blindness

We're glad you came to this website. Because what you're going to read about blindness here is probably NOT what you've heard from most other sources!

You've probably heard that blindness is the most feared disability. You've probably heard that blindness is a tragedy. You've probably heard that blind people are limited in many ways, that the more vision a child has, the better chance of success he or she has, that 80% of what a child learns is visual. You've probably heard teachers of the visually impaired referred to as "vision teachers" and blindness/visual impairment referred to as "vision loss." You've probably heard the term "functional vision," implying that without vision, a person cannot function! And you've probably heard the term "visual impairment" a lot, because no one wants to mention "the b-word."

Well, forget all that! We're here to tell you that blindness does not have to be a tragic situation. It does not have to stop people from developing concepts, getting an education, being independent, being happy! Here you will learn about the skills definition of blindness and read about blind math professors, mechanics, foreign service officers, and sailors. Here you'll learn that being a success in life does not depend on how much eyesight you have, but whether or not you have the skills to get the job done. Here you'll benefit from the combined wisdom and experience of thousands of blind people, parents, and teachers across the country who have a can-do attitude toward blindness and the abilities of blind people.

We hope this website gives you the hope, inspiration, and information you need to form positive attitudes and help your child succeed.

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