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Cane Tips

Ever wonder if a cane would be a good tool for your child? How exactly does the cane work to enable the blind person to walk safely, quickly, and efficiently? Who should use a cane? And when? What are some of the skills the cane traveler uses?

By the way, the cane is not just for totally blind people. Partially sighted people make use of this tool as well and, in fact, the cane can be considered a low vision tool. It has been said that partially sighted people "use their eyesight for what they can see and the cane for what they can't see." The cane actually frees them up to enjoy their surroundings, take part in a conversation, and not always have to worry whether that dark area ahead is a shadow or a step. Partially sighted people also can walk a lot faster and look a lot more graceful when they use this tool, since it gives them better preview of what's ahead.

Be sure to check the Helpful Books page for these two excellent resources—Modular Instruction for Independent Travel for Students Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired: Preschool through High School and Techniques Used by Blind Cane Travel Instructors-A Practical Approach.

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