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The process of planning for school occupies a great deal of time for many parents of blind children and can be quite challenging. Most of us face the situation of our child's being the only blind student in the school. Most classroom teachers have not had any training or experience in teaching a blind student. It can be up to parents to provide information on how the process can be accomplished.

The good news is that we have lots of great information to share. The articles in this section give nuts and bolts suggestions on topics from literacy to chemistry, from preschool to college. You'll be able to apply our practical, problem-solving approach whether your child is in preschool or in high school.

The information in this section is just the beginning. The National Organization of Parents of Blind Children publishes the magazine Future Reflections with articles on education and development by the most progressive voices in the field. We also hold a national seminar each year where parents and educators can hear presentations by award winning teachers and other leaders in the field, attend a specialized IEP workshop, find the latest information on education and the law, learn strategies that work with blind kids, and try out the newest technology. NOPBC can also link you to knowledgeable parents and teachers in your state.

So, take heart and know the process can work. We're here to help make it happen.

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