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Blind People at Work

The following is a list of some of the types of positions in which blind persons who have received assistance from Job Opportunities for the Blind (JOB) are now working. Of course, this does not represent all of the types of jobs blind people can do or are doing. It is merely a sampling. We have listed positions, and in many cases several persons have found work in positions that are somewhat similar. The variation of skills and backgrounds required of persons to work in these positions is abundant. Thousands of blind persons who are equally well-qualified in as many diverse fields are still looking for work.

Advocacy Coordinator
Airline Reservationist
Assembly, Electronics
Assembly, General
Assistant Director, College Alumni Association
Banker, Senior Vice President
Child Care Assistant
Collections Officer
Computer Analyst
Computer Programmer
Cosmetologist, managing three shops
Counselor, Adolescent
Counselor/Coordinator, Business Enterprise Program
Counselor, College
Counselor, Housing Complaints
Counselor, Rehabilitation
Counselor, Other
Dog Groomer
Employment Development Specialist
Engineer, Electrical
Engineer, Safety
Equal Employment Officer
Estate Analyst
File Clerk
Handicapped Service Coordinator
Hotline for 504 Coordinator
Information Clerk/Specialist
Internal Revenue Service, Financial Assistant
Internal Revenue Service, Representative
Job Development Specialist
Labor Relations Specialist
Legislative Aide
Medical Administrator
Micrographic Technician
Mobility Instructor
Nutrition Education Coordinator
Occupational Health & Safety Specialist
PBX Operator
Personnel Interviewer
Photo Finish Worker
Placement Aide for the Blind, Specialist
Professor of Psychology
Quality Control Specialist
Radio Reading Service, Assistant Manager
Research Analyst
Router at bank
Sales, Executive
Sales, Retail
Sales, Telephone
Social Worker
Systems Planning, Hospital Supervisor
Teachers Aide
Teacher, Elementary Music
Teacher, Rehabilitation
Teacher, Itinerant, of Blind Children Teacher, Spanish
Teacher, Social Studies
Telephone Operator
Travel Agent
Typists, Dictaphone
Typists, Receptionist
Typists, Word Processor
Volunteer Services Coordinator




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