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Education Materials Resource Page

Some of the following listings are specific to blindness/visual impairment; some are more general, but have useful information or items.

American Printing House for the Blind (APH)
1839 Frankfort Ave.
PO Box 6085
Louisville, KY 40206-0085

The major producer of instructional and educational materials for blind/VI children from infancy through prevocational; includes items for literacy, math, science, geography, etc., and some games.

Art Education for the Blind
160 Mercer St.
New York, NY 10012

Touch and sound art history books; hands-on museum programs.

Carolina Biological Supply Co.
2700 York Rd.
Burlington, NC 27215

Hands-on models for biology, chemistry, etc.

Childbirth Graphics
PO Box 21207
Waco, TX 76702

Hands-on internal organs; childbirth and general health catalogs.

Creative Adaptations for Learning (CAL)
38 Beverly Rd.
Great Neck, NY 11021-1330

Raised line drawings and learning materials.

Exceptional Teaching Aids
20102 Woodbine Ave.
Castro Valley, CA 94546

Materials for education, recreation, and independent living.

Howe Press Perkins School for the Blind
175 No. Beacon St.
Watertown, MA 02472

Perkins braillewriter, slates and styluses, math aids.

Lilli Nielsen Materials Books and materials created by Lilli Nielsen, internationally known teacher of blind children, especially children with delays or additional disabilities; feature Active Learning approach to stimulate development in all areas.

Vision Associates
109 US Hwy 90 West #170-312
Lake City, FL 32055

Newsline for the Blind
National Center for the Blind
1800 Johnson St.
Baltimore, MD 21230

Daily access to a variety of newspapers over the telephone; ready at 6 a.m.; free except for the cost of call, if any. Users must call National Center to receive ID number and security code.

Nienhuis Montessori USA
140 East Dana Street
Mountain View, CA 94041

Educational and independent living materials.

North Coast Medical
18305 Sutter Blvd.
Morgan Hill, CA 95037

Dycem-non-slip material (place on work area so that pages or other items won't slip).

Jackson Education Service District
Attn: Oregon Project
101 No. Grape St.
Medford, OR 97501

Publishes the Oregon Project, a curriculum for blind/VI children birth to six.

Princeton Braillists
28-B Portsmouth St.
Whiting, NJ 08759

Raised-line maps and drawings excellent for school use.

Washington State School for the Blind
2214 E. 13 St.
Vancouver, WA 98661-4120

Adapted software for preschoolers.



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